KROMITE was founded in 2003 to provide independent and unbiased support

for tough decisions in the life science industry.






KROMITE'S team, located in North America and Europe, possesses unparalleled expertise in decision analysis and analytics. From years of working for biotech, medical device, agricultural, and pharma companies, our consultants command intimate knowledge of the terminologies, organizational roles and responsibilities, product development processes, common deal term structures, and organizational decision making processes which allow you to rely on us

as a partner and external expert. 

Jack Kloeber

Jack Kloeber is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel with experience in R&D portfolio management, decision analysis, modeling and simulation, technology selection, and strategy development. Jack taught mathematics at West Point for three years, and graduate level decision analysis, systems simulation, and technology selection for six years at the Air Force Institute of Technology. His work has supported decisions for various superfund sites within the Department of Energy, and many technology organizations within the Departments of Army, Air Force, and Navy. Jack was the head of Portfolio Management for Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more recently, head of Portfolio Management for J&J Pharma Services where he coordinated the portfolio management efforts across multiple R&D and marketing operating companies. 


Jack was a Senior Partner at KROMITE for 5 years, Principal for 10, and now Owner. He received his Ph.D. in Economic Decision Analysis from Georgia Institute of Technology and his Master's in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University. Jack is a member and Past President of the Society of Decision Professionals, a member of the Decisions Analysis Society, and a 25-year member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS). Read more about Jack HERE in his interview with INFORMS.

Catherine Kertesz
Office Manager

     "With a keen interest in Communication: Social, Speech & Rhetoric, Media, Marketing; my passion and mission intersect. I have spent a good part of my life studying what makes the most effective communication viable in any interaction.”

Catherine is a Communications professional and performance artist with expertise in special events, project management, creative and administrative services, and teaching.  She has performed as an actress, musician and taught music privately for 20+ years.  Her work as a performance artist and an entrepreneur fosters strong and effective leadership, motivation, organization, and time management skills.  Catherine received her Bachelor's in Communications: Speech and Rhetoric from Temple University.  In her free time, she enjoys playing music and hiking the great outdoors.

David Krahl

“Kromite’s utilization of key technologies is a vital lever of business.  A small amount of input can create great knowledge and influence.” Dave Krahl


All of us at Kromite wish Dave the best of health and happiness!
Mike Kennedy
Senior Consultant

Mike Kennedy has over twenty-five years of experience in program management and operations research working with commercial, government, and military clients.  Mike has worked in a range of assignments from program development, decision support tool development, program analysis, model development, and project management. Over the last fifteen years, he has cultivated an interest and skill set in discrete event modeling and forecasting tools that focus on custom tools for clients’ particular needs. The custom tool sets incorporate optimization tools for large poultry operations, resource allocations for pharmaceutical companies and forecasting tools for military organization.

Mike has a Master’s degree in Management Science from Troy State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Marquette University.

Kenneth Wronka
7-2019 Pic.jpg

" I am an analytical person by nature and my work has allowed me to use the type of thinking and problem solving I enjoy and directly apply it to helping people with their decisions.  It’s exciting to work with the Kromite team because it is full of smart and passionate minds. I really enjoy seeing others’ perspectives and approaches to tackling problems both for my own learning and development and for achieving better outcomes through collaboration.”


Ken Wronka received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. For the Master’s degree, he specialized in computational informatics, including a final project on robust optimization applied to energy production systems. His education has prepared him to solve problems in many areas, and he now works building career experience around this passion. Outside of the workplace, his main interests include sports, physical fitness, and video games.

Klimack MAPD.jpeg
Bill Klimack
Senior Consultant

Bill Klimack, PhD PE, has over 35 years of experience identifying, avoiding, and solving tough problems, both as an operations research analyst and in management. Most recently he was the Chevron Oil Company decision analysis job family manager, leading the largest decision analysis organization in the world.  A retired US Army Colonel, he was on the faculty of the US Military Academy at West Point.  There he was the Director of the Operations Research and Systems Engineering programs, the OR consulting center, and served as Head of the Department of Systems Engineering.

He has a BS in chemical engineering from Lehigh University, a MS in applied mathematics from Johns Hopkins University, a MMAS from the US Army Command and Staff College, and PhD in operations research from the US Air Force Institute of Technology.  He is a Certified System Engineering Professional, a licensed Professional Engineer, and a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals, the UK Royal Geographical Society, the National Speleological Society, and the Explorers Club.  He is a recipient of the Decision Analysis Society Practice Award and an employee when Chevron received the Raiffa-Howard Award for Organizational Decision Quality and the INFORMS Prize for effective integration of advanced analytics and operations research/management sciences. 

He is a past President of the Society of Decision Professionals and a former Vice President of Meetings for the Institute of Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS).  He was Co-Chair of the INFORMS Analytics Certification Task Force that established the Certified Analytics Professional credential.  He chaired both the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference and the 6,000-participant 2017 Annual Meeting.  He is one of the co-founders of the INFORMS Soft Skills Workshop, which was held for many years in conjunction with the Analytics Conference. 

KROMITE is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business