Research and Development in Agriculture is not unlike other industries with global impact. The number of possible decision paths encountered by plant breeders is beyond comprehension. As a leading Decision Analysis consulting firm, KROMITE brings simulation and statistical tools to the agriculture industry by providing sophisticated tools to help breeders gain valuable insight into the consequences of their breeding decisions before they begin expensive and time intensive breeding programs.

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KROMITE'S team evaluates corn for phenotypic attributes. First “Exposed Tip” where the husks are not long enough to cover the entire ear and “Poor Tip Fill” where the top portion of the ear has no kernels. Second, there is “Grain Quality” determined by kernels appearing flat or collapsed which indicates the kernels are not satisfactorily filled with the necessary carbohydrate.

KROMITE'S Emilia Silebi speaks at the SDP DAAG Conference in 2017 where she, Peiran Zhao, and Jack Kloeber were awarded the

2016 DAS Practice Award.

Accepting the Franz Edelman Award at the 2015 INFORMS Conference on behalf of Syngenta. 

The KROMITE team, in part, meets with a local soy farmer.

KROMITE'S team inspecting soy crops.