Our team members, with degrees in biopsychology, business administration, chemistry, economic decision analysis, industrial engineering, library sciences, operations research, public health, and neurosciences, developed or led portfolio management processes at leading pharma and biotech companies and have gained an exceptional ability to facilitate cross-functional alignment. Our process and content expertise spans disciplines such as decision analysis, portfolio management, R&D, finance, and business development and therapeutic areas such as allergy/respiratory  cardiovascular, central nervous system, infectious diseases, metabolic disorders, pain & inflammation, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, and virology. 

With decades of experience and education in pharmaceutical, agriculture and finance industries, KROMITE provides independent and unbiased expertise.



 KROMITE builds on the fundamentals of

Decision Science to help you:

  •  Frame Decisions

  •  Create Alternatives

  •  Manage Risk











Every decision maker has rights:

The Decision Maker's Bill of Rights

  • A decision frame that structures the decision in the context most relevant to your needs

  • Creative alternatives that allow you to make a selection among viable and distinct choices

  • Relevant and reliable information upon which to base your decision, including the uncertainty of the information

  • An understanding of the potential consequences of each alternative based on your choice criteria

  • A logical analysis that allows you to draw meaningful conclusions from the information to reach clarity of action

  • Effective facilitation to gain alignment and commitment to action

(Created by the Society of Decision Professionals)




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Syngenta earns 2015 INFORMS Edelman Award: Agribusiness sows the seeds of success with operations research and analytics
'Good growth through advanced analytics' project cuts development costs, produces better crops in an environmentally responsible manner.

Peirian Zhao and Emilia Silebi accept the Best Practice Decision Analysis Award in 2016. 

KROMITE's chapter, "Current and Cutting Edge Methods of Portfolio Decision Analysis in Pharmaceutical R&D", written by Jack Kloeber, is a large contribution to this award winning publication.

Several KROMITE employees are members of the Society of Decision Professionals

INFORMS is the leading international association for professionals in operations research and analytics.