To utilize the most current and state-of-the-art decision analysis modeling software,

KROMITE has partnered with key organizations. 

KROMITE partnered with California-based Enrich Consulting to utilize their strength in decision support for business, finance and new product development particularly in the biotech and hi-tech sectors.

Syncopation Software is a leading provider of decision support software tools including decision analysis software, risk analysis software and decision tree-based real option valuation software. Founded as a spin-off from a first-tier consulting organization, Syncopation develops products that go beyond the basics to give you exceptional insight into real-world decision problems. For over 15 years, DPL has been the professional's choice for decision analysis and real option valuation. DPL links with Microsoft Excel to bring state-of-the-art uncertainty modeling to the industry standard platform for financial analysis.

Imagine That Inc. has developed the industry standard for simulation software, ExtendSim. It is a powerful, leading edge, multi-domain simulation tool that allows you to design dynamic models of real-life processes in a wide variety of fields. ExtendSim can be used to create models from building blocks, explore the processes involved, and see how they relate - then change assumptions to arrive at an optimum solution. Recognizing their superior work, Imagine That Inc. has designated KROMITE as a certified ExtendSim Consultant. The KROMITE team’s expertise includes ExtendSim model development, external application interfaces, custom block development, and expert training. Please also see Modeling of Complex Systems.